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LGBT History Workshop 2013


All Day


University of Southampton
Avenue Campus, Southampton, so171bj

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Part of Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender History Month

February 2013 will witness another one-day LGBT History Workshop at Avenue Campus in Room 2115. This will involve about eight short talks and discussions by historians from the university and the region: a chance therefore to learn about the latest developments in LGBT history. This time we will also have a roundtable discussion at the end of the day.


10am ‘Caged Song-Bird: The Queer Diary of a Stalin-Era Soviet Popular Singer’ Dan Healey (University of Reading)

11am ‘Embarrassed or Shameless? Sexualities and the Pet Shop Boys from It’s A Sin to Alan Turing’ Eve Colpus

12pm ‘Towards a Gay Anglo-Jewish History?’ Tony Kushner

1pm  Lunch break

2pm ‘“Be My Lennon”: LGBT Bournemouth and the Beatles’ James Cole

3pm ‘Queering Holocaust Memory: Aimee und Jaguar and the Representation of the Third Reich’ Neil Gregor

4pm ‘New York versus San Francisco: Gay American Poets and the Politics of Group Identity’ Peter Middleton

5pm Round-table conclusion: Julie GammonJoan TumbletyMark Cornwall

All welcome to attend the whole workshop or dip into individual papers. Talks start on the hour: 35-40 minutes followed by discussion.