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Southampton Stonewall Lecture 2013 – Prof George Chauncey


6:00 pm


University of Southampton
Avenue Campus, Southampton, so171bj

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Part of Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender History Month

The speaker in 2013 is Professor George Chauncey (Yale University), one of the foremost historians of modern homosexuality. His work on Gay New York (1890-1940) (1994) has been seminal in opening up the whole subject of modern homosexuality, providing historians with the skills needed to investigate further in case studies of urban homosexuality.

This is a rare chance to hear Professor Chauncey, one of the world’s leading gender historians.

The title of his talk is Gay Culture in Postwar New York: Community Creation and Conflict.

This annual lecture has been devised specifically to explore the history of the gay/lesbian past but also to mirror the University’s ongoing commitment to diversity and equality.

Listen to George Chauncey speaking about the history of Gay New York.