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3rd Year Module: Philosophy of Sex

August 23, 2013
by Laurence Georgin

Philosophy of Sex is a third year module open to both philosophy and non-philosophy students exploring some major philosophical questions related to sex. We begin by considering the ethics of sexual behaviour, discussing issues such as monogamy, prostitution and rape. In the second half of the module, we look at a range of general theories about the nature of sex including the traditional view of sex as essentially connected to reproduction and “plain sex” theories that emphasise sexual pleasure. Read more …

Categories: Philosophy. Tags: Homophobia, Homosexuality, Polyamory, Polyphobia and Sexuality.

3 thoughts on “3rd Year Module: Philosophy of Sex

  1. Sujay Kentlyn says:

    Will this module be available online? Is it possible to audit the lectures without enrolling in the subject?

    thanks and regards


    • Laurence Georgin says:

      Dear Sujay,

      The lecturer who looks after this module is on holiday until next week. So I will ask her when she’s back and get back to you.

      All the best,

    • Laurence Georgin says:

      Dear Sujay,

      Thanks for your interest in my Philosophy of Sex course.
      You are welcome to audit the course without enrolling in the module. Do please contact me by email in advance if you wish to do this.
      If you’re a student at Southampton and your programme is eligible, you can take Philosophy of Sex as one of your options even if you haven’t done any Philosophy before.
      The lectures won’t be available online. However, a lot of supporting materials and online activities will be available through Blackboard for students enrolled on the course. Students at Southampton auditing the course can fairly easily be added to the Blackboard site by emailing me.

      With best wishes,

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