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Take part in a study on the role of sexual orientation in modulating spatial attention

December 4, 2013
by Laurence Georgin


My name is Stuart I am an MSc Research Student from the University of Southampton psychology department, working as a research assistant for Dr Wendy Adams and PhD student Nicholas Hedger.

I am requesting your participation in a study that investigates the role of sexual orientation in modulating spatial attention. We are also investigating whether stimuli (erotic images)  presented under the threshold of awareness elicit physiological responses (e.g. skin conductance responses, heart rate) .This study will require you to complete a questionnaire about your sexual orientation, before viewing a series of images presented via a mirror stereoscope. You will firstly be asked to indicate any changes in your perception by pressing buttons on a keyboard. You will then be asked to indicate your perception of briefly presented stimuli. Throughout the procedure, electrodes will be attached to your fingers, ankle and forearm to allow us to measure physiological responses to the stimuli. All data will be collected by either Stuart Hyde (an MSc student) or Nick Hedger (a psychology PhD student)

The study will last up to 80 minutes and you will receive £7.50 for your participation.

Please email me at or Nick at if you are interested in taking part. We appreciate your time!

Stuart Hyde
MSc Research Student, Psychology, University of Southampton

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